Club Fees

2017/18 Subscriptions

The membership fees for Kilmarnock Harriers for 2017/18 were agreed at the club AGM on 7th April and are detailed in the table below.

Club membership records and payment of annual fees is manged via Each member has a membership log on and your club fees can be collected via this website. It is the responsibility of each member to keep their contact details, email address etc up to date and ensure they have read and confirmed their declaration. For assistance with payment refer to this Guide.

Anyone wishing to join can register to join by completing the Waiting List option here. The length of time you may remain on the Waiting List depends on club capacity at any point in time. Please ensure DOB is added as children can join the list but will only be eligible from 9 yrs old.

Any New Members must also attend an induction session at the Club. Please contact the Club to obtain details of these induction sessions.


 Membership Category Notes Kilmarnock 

Monthly Fee


Monthly Fee

Annual Fee
Junior – 1 Child (11 and under)  1  £ 12  £ 7  Nil
Junior -1 Child (U17)  1  £ 14  £ 8  Nil
Junior -2 Child (U17)  £ 22  £ 14  Nil
Senior – Full Use 2,3 £ 14    Nil
Senior Road Running 2,4 £ 5  or £ 60
Senior (Concessionary) Road Running 2,4,5   £ 42
Family (5 person/max 2 adults) 6 £ 25    Nil
Disability 9 £ 8    Nil
Non-resident Membership


£ 5 Nil Nil
Coach Membership   Nil Nil Nil
Volunteer Membership   Nil Nil Nil
Associate/2nd Claim


Nil  Nil  £ 25


  1. Cumnock operates on Wednesday only therefore the fees are reduced accordingly. If this increases to two sessions the same fees at Kilmarnock will apply.
  2. Senior Membership Category applies to all age groups beyond U17.
  3. Senior membership – Full Use – Use of any of the facilities at AAA (outdoor track, indoor track, equipment (including for warm up purposes, changing and showers)) at any Club training time will require membership under for this category.
  4. Senior membership – Road Running – Use of the AAA facilities is limited to registration, toilets (not changing or showering) and training group meeting.
  5. Concessionary refers to Full Time Students, unemployed and Over 60’s. Students must provide current matriculation card as proof of student status.
  6. Family Membership – Full Use – Up to a max of 5 persons (Max 2 Adults (18 and over)). This category applies to existing members. All new members added to this category must register and complete current joining procedures before joining the club which may be subject to a Waiting List at that time. It is not possible to co-opt other new members to this category before joining procedures are complete.
  7. Non-resident membership applies to 1st claim athletes who train at alternative venues i.e Schools of Sport, Universities or overseas etc. Therefore these athletes do not use the facilities provided by Kilmarnock Harrier & AC but can access the other benefits provided.
  8. Associate membership is available for members who wish to maintain an association with the Club, but are not actively training with the Club (participation at social/club events permitted)2nd Claim fee applies to athletes who train at another facility and are 1st Claim members of another club. However, 2nd Claim athletes who train at any of Kilmarnock Harrier & AC facilities during club nights require payment of the monthly fee.
  9. For long periods of illness please contact for assistance.

In cases of financial hardship please contact  for assistance.


Terms and Conditions of Membership Fee payment

  • Monthly fees are payable monthly in advance, by the 5th of the month via paysubsonline system.
  • Fees paid annually must be paid by 31 May, or on joining, if later. The Club membership year is 1st May to 30th
  • Age group is determined by age as at 1st May in membership year.
  • All payments, monthly or annually are non refundable.
  • After payment, no concession / discount/ refund in the event of non attendance (eg holiday / injury).
  • Non payment of fees will lead to termination of membership (max 28 day payment window for late payment).
  • In the event of non payment re-joining of the Club will be subject to the Club joining requirements, which may include a waiting list at that time.
  • Any member who ceases to be a member through non payment of fees can only re-join and attend from 1st May (waiting list permitting). If a member wishes to re-join before May they will be subject to payment of all outstanding monthly fees since leaving the club in that calendar year.
  • Membership fee includes payment by the Club of entry fees to a range of National / District and County events as specified on the membership fees schedule.
  • Payment of fee as a single annual payment is permitted (no discount). Please consult .


Competitions included in the Club Fee 

Competition U11 U13-U17 Senior
3 Ayrshire Open Graded T&F Meetings X X  
Ayrshire XC Individual X X X
Ayrshire XC Relay X X X
Kilmarnock XC X X  
U12 Superteams X    
West District XC Relay   X X
West District XC (Individual)   X X
National XC Relay   X X
National XC (Individual)   X X
West District Indoor T&F Championship (1 event)   X X
West District Outdoor T&F Championship (1 event)   X X
National Indoor T&F Championship (1 event)   X X
National Outdoor T&F Championship (1 event)   X X
National Track Relays (1 event)   X X



There are no West District or National competitions for U11’s.

You must indicate to the club that you wish to enter many of these events as they are pre-entry by the Club. For West and National competitions you must have a valid SA number (

Track and Field competitions are required to be entered by the individual and one event can then be reclaimed back from the club. Every effort must be made to participate if entered. In the case of repeat offenders you entry fee may not be reimbursed.

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