Club Together

Club Together – What is it?

Club Together is a fundamental project within Club Legacy 2014 and is a new approach to the role, the support, and importance of clubs. It is simple, and uses some great examples of success as its framework. Above all else, it will be the major difference in changing the fortunes of scottishathletics and athletics in Scotland. The twin aspects of our vision (increasing participation, and improving performance) sit at the heart of everything we do. Neither however is possible without athletics clubs playing their part.

Club Together is exactly that – clubs and scottishathletics coming together to deliver once and for all a programme that will make the vision happen.


How does Club Together work:

Kilmarnock Harrier & AC was the first club in Scotland to start the Club Together Project and is a partnership between Kilmarnock Harrier & AC, East Ayrshire Council and Scottishathletics. Partnerships mean all partners gain from the efforts and the relationship.

Other partnerships have now been developed between Kilmarnock Harrier & AC and other organisations in order to find volunteers. Partnerships have been developed with the local Volunteer Centre and  Kilmarnock College, which has enabled us to increase the number of people helping with the day to day running of the club and increase the number of coaches within the club.

Who is the Club Together Officer?

Billy Roberton is an athlete and Club Coach at Kilmarnock Harriers and has been a member of the club for over 30 years.


Billy can be contacted via email: